Thanks to @magicfab who wrote this howto

  • Visit https://status.yourdomain.com/settings/oauthapps - login as usual if you're not logged in
  • Click Register a new application
  • Complete the form as indicated below, BUT please note:
    • Do not change any information
    • Add something to mustard in the first field (ie. mustard-john)

The Mustard icon can be obtained here

  • Click on Save, you will be presented with the new entry.
  • Click on the name of the entry (ie. mustard-john).
  • Copy only the following to a separate, new file named test.json (the keys here are examples only):

Consumer key

Consumer secret

Once done prepare a file named test.json like this, replacing the above information accordingly:

"keys": [{
and put it on a webserver.

From Mustard's main view:

  • Click on the Settings button, then More. Choose Switch account and Add New
  • Choose Status Net
  • In the next screen don't enter your information, click the Settings button again, choose Oauth Settings
    Enter the URL where you uploaded your file, including the file name, click Fetch

Press the Back button to go back to configuration

  • Click on the OAuth Login button at the bottom first.
  • In Instance, enter status.yourdomain.com
  • Check force use of TLS/SSL and click Login
  • You will see a browser window asking for credentials, don't enter credentials here, click on the top right Login link instead and use your usual SSO (single sign on) credentials.
  • Confirm you want to give access by choosing Allow

  • You should see a welcome message, click Continue
  • You may need to restart Mustard to get to your status.yourdomain.com account