How does notification work?
At the moment ( mustard notifies only new mentions. Mention, as in twitter documentation, is a status containing @username


Why should I use OAuth authentication?
OAuth is more secure then username/password method becuse your credentials are not stored on the device. It uses a keys mechanism to authenticate you.

How do I switch an existing account to use OAuth?
If you have an existing account (for example identi.ca/myusername ) in mustard, just press "Menu" button, then click on "Switch account". Select "Add new" and then click on the OAuth image. When prompted for a "StatusNet URL" insert identi.ca. Clicking on "Login" you'll be redirect to identi.ca site where you have to login with your credential to grant mustard. One done you'll be redirect back to mustard. Done :)

Is it possible to use mustard and OAuth with my own statusnet installation?
Yes, you have to follow this instructions

If you have more questions, pls ping me on identica